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Why doesn't reddit try to roll out an enterprise product? I'm sure a lot of companies would be willing to pay to have an interface like reddit internally. Most current solutions for this problem aren't very good and I feel like reddit could be a good alternative. RandallBrown 7 months ago.

About 6 years ago we had a self hosted reddit that someone hacked to hook in to our ActiveDirectory. I've thought a few times that you could build a startup on selling a modified version of open source reddit to enterprises.

Not sure how much of reddit is open source anymore though. How does this solution compare to, say, Slack in your experience?

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It's much better for threaded discussion. If I post an interesting article in our team slack room, if people aren't actively discussing it, it gets lost very quickly. The threading in slack never seems to attract people's attention but that may be just people on my team ignoring it. With reddit, you can have discussions and sub discussions, and sub discussions if you really want to. I actually left that company a couple months after they set up the reddit server so I'm not sure how it ended up being used or if it even was.

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When I was there we mostly used it for discussing interesting articles or projects that people came across. Much like you'd use reddit for in general. I feel a subreddit is a good solution when you need to have a discussion with over 1, people.

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I can think of a couple reasons: Most Enterprise IT coders could whip out a clone. On a build vs. Sure, some are better than others, and none of them are great.

But from a value prop perspective, putting up topical discussions just isn't a big pain point in enterprises. Even if it were, Slack tends to work just as well when we are talking about internal communications. Why would an enterprise pay for another discussion service, unless it solves a significant problem in their core busines? Doesn't stackexchange enterprise already fill that niche? CM30 7 months ago. Reddit on mobile browser is the worst experience one can have. A very big chunk of the screen is hidden with "get the app".

You click on the mini text and the you need to scroll down to dismiss the bar. It has become similar with their new design, even on desktop platforms. Jur 7 months ago. I don't know how it is for other countries outside the US, but in the Netherlands it doesn't add up at all. Russian social media site VK. The initial idea of Facebook is great. I can't exactly knock it when this site is heavily influenced.

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But the problem with having specific boards that satisfy every little interest is that an echo chamber effect often occurs. My karma on that site is so low, not because of trolling, but speaking my own opposing views. Making points that radical are just asking for trouble. It's a great way to collaborate with people within the same niche, but it's a clique. They only want to hear themselves talk.

Where specific interests are shared within threads of each board. They may come off harsh to the light hearted, but they're not afraid of opinions. Side note, my understanding is not that OpenBSD rejects Rust due to "no core utilities have been implemented", but because it cannot bootstrap from a C compiler alone. Do you have a link to that? So much for self-hosting. What do you mean? I admit after reading this headline I was scratching my head as to what 2 could be.

And then I looked and it was super obvious haha. I've had my secondary email accts on yahoo for over 20 years, but am moving all the attached accts to another service. The moment Verizon bought them they immediately started spamming targeted ads based on the content of my email - so long, and thanks for all the fish yahoo! H1Supreme 7 months ago. Yeah, this is very surprising. Even more surprising is how high Github and Stack Overflow are.

Google is basically dominating the web. Anyone interested in building an open source, add-free, Creative Commons-licensed perhaps not the posts as these belong to users, but the posts in aggregate copy of Reddit? Reddit functioned with a skeleton crew for awhile. A small team could subsist on donations and build something for the public good. Something community owned and operated could be of tremendous value, and we wouldn't worry so much over its uncertain future. Federation could even be built in The federation aspect is very interesting to me.

Can you describe in more detail? I imagine it would be similar to Mastodon, but instead of people being on a node, you'd have communities on a node. One server might focus on the southeast, eg. If you're on one machine, you can have it pull in discussions from other nodes. Or your client software might do that automatically for you. Nodes might agree on a common short form namespace to refer to different communities, and we might even be able to bolt this on to existing systems, eg.

It doesn't necessarily have to be backwards-compatible with non-fedarated systems, but it could be. I imagine single sign on, and good APIs for ingesting another community's or user's content.

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Ranking metadata can also be supplied by the host community, but local communities or individuals can apply their own transformative equations on top of them. I was just thinking of something exactly like this. I started my own nas in my basement using yunohost and I really think self hosting on old hardware and federation could finally help decentralize the internet.

Anyone know what reddit's DAU is? They used to publish this publicly https: I see from https: Reddit's userbase is increasingly younger have you seen the home page while logged out lately? Sure, they have contracts with pizza and soda companies in the US, but that's it. Recently they've been trying to "Facebook-ize" their UX, they gather a lot more data, implement affiliate links and a lot more logging, but it's still not going far because the last of their adult users are leaving the site.

At least this was my experience with Reddit in the past 2 years or so. I only go back to look for very specific things and leave afterwards.

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TekMol 7 months ago. I wonder how much traction a lightweight Reddit with a nice clean html interface would get. I would love such a thing. For me, Reddit already was on the edge of being too bloated before the redesign. Now I barely use it anymore. Before the redesign, I was on HN like 10 times a day and on Reddit 5 times a day or so. Now I use Reddit maybe once a day.