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But Asian men do have their own way of being romantic. If they tell you that you out of the blue that you are a good wife or cook well that is romantic. This also depends on the man and on what you consider having sex well. I have had men that are very good, men that are.. I think it really boils down to experience. Most traditional men that are fairly young, have not had a lot of experience with having sex.

Even older men have not studied the art of love making. As we all know practice makes perfect. Sex is discussed pretty openly in Western countries but in China it is still very taboo to discuss it. So, with this kind of atmosphere on top of the nerves of having sex with a foreigner that is probably more experienced than he, it is easy to see that some Asian men can be a bit clumsy at first when they have sex.

But trust me, if your patient, give them a little guidance of what you like and give them a lot of practice they will get it right and blow your mind. It is not because they want stupid women. They want to still be the head of the household and a strong man in public. If your woman seems smarter than you, stronger than you and uncontrollable then you look bad as a man. If your alone, shine and let your independence and intelligence out.

If your alone with your man, you can also be your strong and independent self. But in public with your man… give him face.. Yes, Yes… a hundred times.. I think the hardest part of dating and marrying an Asian man is their family. Asian people are very family oriented. It is what I love and what I hate most about them.


The feeling of family obligation and family loyalty is very strong. An Asian man has a large responsibility to his family especially if he is an only child. His mother or father will call him every day, want him to come to see them often and even have to drop everything to take care of what ever they might need at that time.

He is often torn between what the family needs and what you need. It is best not to interfere with family matters. He will never choose you over family and you should never expect him to.

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His loyalty to them is not the same as his love and loyalty to you. The pressure they give him is bad enough without the pressure of you also. So, support your Asian man, if you had to put up with the guilt and pressure his family puts on him; you would need extra support also. For the most part yes. In Asian cultures, the pressure to have children is strong.

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It is traditionally thought that having children will keep the blood line going, without a child the family line dies. In China with the one child policy, there is even more pressure for the man in an only child family to have children. It is an issue that my husband and I discuss often. Hopefully, this will appease the parents, who take it upon themselves push the sons to fulfill their duties to have children.

Well, these are the top 8 myths about Asian men. Yes, I left out the penis size issue; due to the fact that it is silly. There is more to a man than the size of his penis, at least in my mind. I read every one of your Asian man myths. And soon after that I just wrote the Asian guys off in my city as a lost cause.

I am currently trying to lose weight in hopes that, that will turn my luck around. Love Beyond Language Barriers: How to Flirt in Chinese. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Users browsing this forum: Do white women date asian men? Here is the place to post any simple or complex questions you may have about any aspect of life in Cambodia and beyond without fear of being told 'That question has been asked times before. I live in china and the single white women here complain about the lack of eligible men to date. Most of the women I know here in china say the local men are too shy or they are not manly enough not sure what that means or they are not attracted to them for various reason and the white guys are chasing after the chinese girls or are alcoholics and not worth dating.

Do white women ever date local khmer men? She told me that she felt stigmatized in Australia for having married an asian man. It was OK for asian women to marry a white guy or a white guy to marry an asian woman but not the other way round. They seem to go black before they go asian. It's also proportionally less than the other way around, but it still happens. Just my observation and a generalisation but from the couples that i know very limited sample set , the men seem to enjoy the more rational nature of western women and their enthusiasm for getting out and doing stuff, whilst the women seem to like the more attentive, family focused nature of Khmer men.

What do Cambodian woman expect from their western friend?

So really it's very similar to the none superficial reasons for the attraction between western men and Khmer women. Thay way I could be left with a bigger pool of local candidates. On a serious note I'd be interested on white girls' input on this as it is pretty rare. A few go native, but it's proportionally dwarfed when comparing to white guys.

A straightforward answer if possible would be cool. Maybe they find bridging the cultural gap more difficult? Or maybe in western cultures where the standards of the burly macho man and the feminine princess are idealized since birth, Asian men fail to meet the standard while Asian women manage to pass the feminimity test with flying colours? Not my circus, not my monkeys - I sold K But they certainly don't go after them like they do Black guys.

Mind you Asian guys in Canada may be 2nd or 3rd generation, speak English and are usually quite successful. And after being raised on western diets they are also bigger than the average Asian in Asia. Woman do prefer somebody taller than them don't they? But the White girls sure aren't struck with Yellow Fever like their male counterparts.


Truckin', got my chips cashed in Keep truckin', like the do-dah man Together, more or less in line Just keep truckin' on. Khmer men tend to be shy and romantic with western woman and the women love how family orientated they are.