Midlife dating etiquette

Throw caution to the wind once in a while.

9 things you don't know about dating in later life

Games are for children. A requirement of adulthood is emotional truth. Playing hard to get is akin to shooting oneself in the foot.

Dating, while a lot of fun, is also a serious business. Have sex if you want to. Say thank you when your suitor opens the door for you, compliments you or walks you to the bus stop at the end of the night. Remember he is another human being, even if he is not making you swoon. All things can be said gently. We are all inherently lovable, and deserve the brightest, hottest, most passionate kind of love. I think I would literally shit my pants if I had to start dating again. The first face to face date I always always split the bill.

Is Dating Different in Your 40’s?

Doing so helps me feel equally invested. I completely agree with the guy footing the bill on the first date. I am old fashioned and think the gentleman should pick you up at your house so I struggle a lot with this day in age. How is a man supposed to know if you truly enjoy his company or are just interested in the places he can take you? Given the challenges of our current economy and the strides that women continue to make -or try to make- in the career world, this bit of advice strikes me as outdated and insensitive.

If you want something casual — or a long-term relationship — you should say so. I've met some fascinating and accomplished women, and I'm becoming more comfortable around the dating process.

A Women's Guide To Smart Dating In Midlife

It does, however, continue to present its challenges. I still feel anxious when I reject a woman's online invitation, or when a woman rejects mine. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and I don't want mine hurt either. Rejections remind me that no one is everyone's cup of tea.

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It's an ego adjustment. Online dating profiles don't really explain a person, and chemistry requires a face-to-face, so online dating has its limitations.

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Then there's the issue of dating etiquette, which doesn't appear to exist at all, and since there aren't any rules, dating behavior ranges from polite to rude. I've received responses from women who insist they've met their true love and are dating him exclusively, but are open to friendship. I have enough friends already, and I find it curious that a woman who has found the love of her life still posts her profile online. Spiders don't take their webs down when they've caught their dinner. Perhaps there's a parallel. If I meet a woman, and we date and like each other, what's the next step?

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I realized after a brief relationship recently, that I wasn't ready to trust her. This became clear when a few weeks into the relationship, she wanted to step it up to the next level -- commitment -- and I backed off. I was anxious in part because a few weeks just aren't enough for me to feel trusting. But trying to go slow in a dating world that operates at supersonic speed is difficult, because it's really easy to get caught up in the partnering race.

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  • There's enormous pressure, both self-imposed and societal, to be in a relationship. But rushing to fall in love makes falling in love impossible for me, because the pressure to commit doesn't allow my feelings to develop naturally. In truth, falling in love is hard to resist in midlife. Finding a partner is important to me, mostly for the right reasons. In a fledgling relationship, issues like dating exclusively and consistently showing up emotionally, require serious consideration because they imply intention.

    When the feeling that something wasn't working for me in my new relationship kept plaguing me, I figured it was time to regroup. She was pressuring me to become sexual and go with the flow, neither of which felt okay with me. For me, this isn't the time for 60s casual morality, and bouncing back from a failed relationship is too painful to just go with the flow.

    10 things you only know when you're online dating in your 50s

    After a half-dozen dates, I began noticing the cracks in our relationship, and some were too big to paint over. I felt foolish for having gone off to the races so quickly. Sure, she had pushed for more intimacy, but I didn't have to acquiesce. My old demon, the need to feel loved, had been activated. I've defeated this pesky nemesis, but he's resilient.