16 year old dating 13 year old ok

I think it's totally okay. As long as he's not pushing you into anything or pressuring you, it's totally okay. I do not suppose so.

There is a large difference in a 13 yr ancient girl and a 16 12 months historic boy, however there isn't that colossal of a difference in a 20 yr ancient girl and a 23 12 months historic man, go determine that one out. At 13, I believe thats just a little too young to be relationship anybody.

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Having a "boyfriend" and holding their hand at institution is one factor, but going on a date without supervision is yet another. Most boys at that age need intercourse, and what higher than an awfully younger girl that he can manipulate into doing what he needs I am 16 and she is 13 but tbh me and a couple of my friends agree that age really shouldn't matter, we just want to be together and have someone we love always being there for us. But society says it's wrong. I'm stuck on what to do but I think we are going to wait, which I am happy to do.

I am afraid that you are immature,you cannot love someone that you do not even know,its not possible you know,at 13 a 16 year old is far too old for you,so just work hard at your studies for now,you may be ready for a boyfriend when you are about 15 or I'm in same situation I really like him but don't wanna ruin friendship. A teen-year-old girl is just too young to date a sex-driven teen year old boy Even if ground rules were written on stone tablets For you have to remember That in ancient and modern time grown men were marrying to year old Girls, You also need to remember that there was a time when a year old girl was considered to be an old maid if she was never married and had children by the time she became teen years old Yeah,if your both happy then go for it.

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Even at that age they know that 'they are only dating a younger girl because they couldn't get someone in their grade to date them'. Or maybe it was true love.. Who am I to judge? There was some judgement. I would be uncomfortable if my child were the 13 year old. I think that a call between parents is in order I wouldn't want to out the other kid on the specific relationship Internet privacy as well depending on how they communicate The fact that they're not in the same school is a little worrisome Is she in middle school??

Even most of those states listed as no "close in age" exemption statute have one by judicial decisions. The prisons don't have room for all the teens who violate this law.

BOY ADVICE!!! Can a 14 year old date a 18 year old?

Original poster, I know of parents of younger daughters that handled this by letting them have supervised time together with each other's family until the romance died of natural causes as most teen romances do. Even if they're not having sex. It's gross to me to think of a 16 yr old fingering a 13 year old girl Some states Do NOT consider these activities to be covered by the age of consent statutes. Google up "Wilson v state" for the story of Genarlow Wilson of Georgia who was jailed for oral sex when protected from prosecution by the "close in age exemption for vaginal sex with a 15 year old girl.

I know this sounds very old fashioned and narrow minded, but I would consider these activities to be "having sex" and the laws of many states do also.

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I had a 17 year old boyfriend when I was It stayed pretty innocent, hand holding and kissing I would just keep an eye out and make sure your son knows what you expect of him Her being at another school probably will make a difference in how much they see each other too. My parents didn't love that age difference, but they didn't push me to end it, just set a lot of rules for us. I think that's illegal? That's probably the best way to broach it - "Sweetie, I'm happy you've found someone that makes you happy, but the police kinda disagree".

Still opens her son up to potential legal issues, even without proof. Or ya know, they may just eventually have sex and that would be considered rape. It's not illegal to DATE someone who's OP, do you know what the age of consent is in your state? Find out I guarantee it's above 13 and make sure your son knows how serious underage sex is these days. He could be branded as a sex offender for life, literally. About a third of the American population fall into each of the three ages of concent ages of 16, 17, or Most states have "close in age exemptions" that protect the older teen from felony prodecution--tipically within two or three years of each other.

OP can Google up or Bing up "age of consent by states" and see what the rules are in their state.

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Having said this, I too think 13 and 16 is a wide gap. They may be right for each other in a few years. I will also note that teen girls mature a year or two ahead of boys, but even with that maturity are not ready for sex. Most states have "close in age exemptions" that protect the older teen from felony prodecution. But some states don't.

Such as California, whose population includes 1 in every 9 people in America. Here's a link on CA's lack of a "Romeo and Juliet law" that's what these close-in-age exceptions are called: OP should also clearly explain to her son that when a person is under the age of consent, it doesn't matter at all that she consented.


Even if you have a handwritten letter from her enthusiastically saying yes to sex, you are still going to be branded a sex criminal if her parents call the cops--which they can do at any time. I personally think these laws are a little bit MUCH, for fux sake, but those are the laws and you definitely don't want your son to get in that much trouble.

Some states also include oral sex and heavy petting as part of the protection of the age of concent laws.

The age of consent in my state is 17, I doubt it's under 15 anywhere. Some foreign countries have a lower age, but in the USA it's either 16, 17, or 18 with most states, either by statute of judicial decision, having the "close in age exemptions," also known as "Romeo and Juliet laws.

I started high school when I was Most of the guys I dated were juniors and seniors. So all years older than me. I would probably just talk to him about safety and things like that. But as long as her parents are ok with it, I would let it go. Add extremely late puberty and likely autism and I can understand why my adoptive mother was scared of me dating.

I physically was very much a child until my senior year and even then I looked about years younger than my calendar age. I have several friends with November and even December birthdays who were 13 when we started 9th grade. I was 13 the day I started 9th grade and turned 14 a week later. I was 17 when I started college. I actually have never heard of a 13 year old being in 7th grade, only 8th My daughter starts seventh in the fall and will be 13 in the middle of the year.


Can a 13 year old date a 16 year old?

She's right in the middle of the pack for her class, although there's a significant number or boys whose parents chose to red shirt for kindergarten and then a lot of those also went to T1 between K and first but for kids who started on time, she's right in the middle. But that means she will be 19 by the time she graduates, right? I had a senior class of and not a single kid was That's so bizarre to me!

I also don't know what T1 is, never heard of that. No, she'll be 18 in the middle of the year, just like I was our birthdays are a few days apart.

13 and dating a 15 year old | Childline

She turns 13 in the middle of the school year, I should have said. Oh yeah I guess I was adding wrong, I did know kids who turned 18 senior year, I guess the only time it seemed weird was if they turned 18 right at the beginning but that does still happen. Can't believe I added that wrong, though, I'm blaming my migraine lol. In our state the start age for kindergarten has been 5 before September 1st for decades. Over the past few years, there has been a move in most states to making the start date more uniform across the USA.

All but a few states now have a kindergarten start date that the child has to be 5 by a specific day that falls somewhere between August 1 and October 1. Boys typically mature slower than girls by a year or two and being a year older is preceived as an advantage for sports, but many districts are putting those 6 year olds into 1st grade without kindergarten.

I was only a year younger than most of my classmates. I was also 13 when I started highschool late bday but I did turn 14 the 1st week of school. I also started dating a guy who was 16 the week I turned 14 and we dated for 3 years. Saying your questionable choices should work for OPs son is ridiculous. It's not that I was just "fine". That's not at all what I'm saying. I'm saying that it's pretty common. I would definitely be talking to the girls parents. I would also have some ground rules set with the kids.

But forbidding your child to date someone is not gonna fix the situation. It's just gonna make them sneak around. Engage in potentially unsafe behavior. Which is worse for everyone involved.