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Published July 26, How to date an emo boy Fallenrosepetal Okay so I'm going I start off with having you do things.. So describe your type of emo guy.. If you don't like emo guys then don't take this quiz.

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I would want him to be shy, and smart.. He would play music.. He would also play guitar. He would be a geek.. Likes to drink and go out at night He would be a sweet, shy, guy with a big heart.. Likes to read, and write.. Is an awesome sketcher..

Would a emo guy date me?

Likes to skate, game, and plays guitar.. I would want him to play music.. And I would want him to be smart.. Medium long emo hair.. He would dye it all black, he would paint his nails black..

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He would wear jeans, and a band t, he would wear converse.. And have his ears peirced. Long emo hair for a guy, he would dye his hair, he would wear fake glasses sometimes, and wear eyeliner.. You're saying it like it's a bad thing. You're human and as much as you "toughen up", there's still a side of you that's softer than the rest.

What's in an Emo Love Relationship?

You're like me, with the "heal then be healed" mentality. There isn't anything bad about it, the problem lies with the other person I've been told I dress and look emo, I shrug it off. But I am who I am. I guess the only way to keep me happy is biting me, and dominating me.

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I like cuddling and watching anime. But fuck anything else, no going outside, inside only, I just like cuddles, I would also like someone to be there for me in my times of need. Anything else, just throw it a good ass.

I don't dress it or anything. There are Dom and sub emo guys sure. Just bc ur normal doesn't mean u can't date one I have a perfectly normal and amazing girlfriend. But if u want an emo boyfriend go for it hun. And it'll work out or it won't. Shooting a gun doesn't make you manly: D Infact it makes men who think that are usually pussies.

I always wear big sweater not big big but a medium size or a large I wear leggings and knee high convers and my hair is black and Brown and my bang is red i dont get it why people think I cut myself. Its kinda stupid never judge a book by its cover it kinda made me mad that a person actually asked me that. I actallu got a therapist to help me just because Im emo or whatever you want to call me doesn't mean I cut myself.

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How to date an Emo or Scene guy? OK, Since forever I've loved how emo guys look.. I can shoot a gun fairly accurately for example.. Please don't say I can't date one just give me advice around stuff that seems like it won't work I have tried to get 'in touch with my emotions' but I kinda locked em away I act tough so I won't get hurt again.. Also do at least some of them act dominant.. I've never truly known this.. I can be friends with hem and have them cry on my shoulder.. So look them up. Try to find some real Emo bands and give them a listen. Find the right time.

Don't try to strike up a flirtatious conversation if he's tied to a train track. Okay, that may not happen, but use your common sense to figure out when would be the best time to talk to him. If he's in trouble or looking irritated, avoid chatting-you'll most probably get negative results. But if he looks pretty normal and isn't busy, gather up your courage and try your luck. If you don't talk often, babbling away about yourself--or him--may startle or annoy him.

You don't want to scare him off if you've come this far. Try to keep it short and sweet. Talk about something that he can contribute to as well-- it makes the conversation a lot better and more enjoyable. Everyone loves a compliment, so if you want to please him, give him one. As you probably know, complimenting an Emo guy is a little different.

But here are some basic things you can say to him "Did you get that shirt at a show? Where did you get it? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Don't push him around or be annoying in front of him.